Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Pick your battles"

Ohh Lukey...he is such a "sweet" child, when everything is going smoothly...meaning Luke is wearing dark jeans, long socks, cut off shirt (tank tops work too), camo shoes (certain ones), a zip up hoodie (which never gets worn), wrist bands and most of all tattoo's (all over)...then the day starts off great! I use to argue with him every single morning about his outfit...I mean what kind of mom sends their child to preschool in a sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter? Well that would be me and the kid never complains of being cold, EVER and remember he doesn't wear the jacket I send him with. So finally I remembered mom always told me, "Demeri, you have to pick your battles, if it's not worth it, then just let it go". So I have decided to let it go...who's it harming? Obviously not Luke!!
Luke not happy....note the shirt, but probably didn't get the right shoes.

I must have gotten it right today!

Yes, it is a sharpie...and yes, this happens quite often!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The sounds of Easter

The sounds of their little bare feet going "pitter-patter" along the wood floor while they look for the eggs and their baskets...the bunny does a scavenger hunt every year with about 6 different clues that finally leads them to their Easter baskets!! I love that Gavin can now read and as I lay in bed I hear him say to his brother, "Ok Luke let's open the next clue and see where to go" he lets his little brother scurry up the stairs first to the next clue (trust me it's not always like that...sometimes it's pushing and pulling the other to see who gets up the stairs first) but not on Easter! I stayed in bed and listened to the whole thing, sometimes it's even sweeter to just hear it and not see it! I hope your Easter was filled with pitter-patter's and giggles too!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well I did lets see how good I am at it! I have enjoyed reading some of your blogs and just decided this is something I would love to do....I will start off by introducing you to my "little men" Gavin (9) and Luke (5), they are the "cream in my coffee" and much, much more. today is not usually my day off, but Gavin woke up sick (yes that's right puking) and so I took today off and have been catching up on what else...LAUNDRY! I will write again soon...and thanks to Libby, Kristen and Jeff and his wife for getting me started!