Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Our first black eye....Gavin took a baseball right in the eye, there was a bloody nose, swelling immediately, only a few tears and he was back playing catch (tough guy). I was sorta jealous because in all the years I played ball I never got a black eye. I can't stop telling him how tough he looks....don't you think? This isn't the "first" of the accidents and I am positive it won't be the last.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

He can do it!

I just have to tell you that my boys are not that excited about the whole "bike riding" thing....Gavin knows how to ride a bike, but doesn't really care to do it. Now Luke on the other hand has never wanted to even try to ride a bike...he says "bikes are for babies", well today Luke got on a bike and now I can't get him off of it! We are so thrilled because we thought that Luke would never learn even how to ride a bike with training wheels (he seriously couldn't even do that). It took him maybe a few tries and now he is a "pro", this whole bike riding thing was very easy for him to pick up (not like his brother, which was not so easy).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Downtown Olympia

As a family we all decided to go downtown and do a little shopping (the boys each had $16 of their own to spend on whatever), so I got the boys all "pumped up" to go to Wind Up Here (a great toy store)! So that was of course our first stop...they looked around...and kept looking around...and found nothing! It wasn't the typical "Toys R Us toys", Gavin couldn't find Bionicle's and Luke couldn't find...oh who ever knows with him, but apparently nothing in this "wonderful" toy store (so I thought) was catching their eye. So we left (not a penny spent) and we were off to Archibald Sisters. This store caught Luke's eye with all the skull and cross bone stuff! Gavin looked around but nothing was too great to spend his own $$ on. Luke picked out a great switch blade knife (comb)! Gavin decided to go to Toys R Us at a later date and save his $$. Then we took a walk on the "board walk" and sat down for a nice lunch at the Oyster House. Can't wait for the warm weather to come and visit again!

The famous switch blade comb...

Enjoying the best shrimp artichoke dip ever!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We took advantage of the sun (it only comes out every so often these days) and the boys drug me out onto the trampoline...not that I don't LOVE it, but let's just say my bladder doesn't care too much for it anymore since delivering 2 kids! What a great form of exercise though and always a place for laughter. Mostly, the trampoline is a huge wrestling mat as you can see from the pictures below! Good thing I can hang with all the "boy" stuff! I still shock myself at all the "tricks" I can still do on it...the boys think I am pretty cool (finally)! Our spring break is half way through now and I think the boys are having a great time, rain and all!
boys will be boys...

Gavin always loves a good thrill!

Luke a little on the cautious side...

Mom, always making the family pose for a group shot!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

busy, busy, busy...

Well I am back...gosh we have been so busy! In the middle of snow, rain, hail, and then sun we have been doing baseball, play dates and helping friends move...I think I might be going crazy! So nothing new with us, but the normal routine that we live day by day (no joke, we are such a "routine" family), I love it when the weekend comes and we can finally be spontaneous! I will leave you with a few of my favorite pics of us!! I will for sure try to be better about blogging...XO to you.
The family last summer at the Lineman Rodeo

The boys and I doing the "fish face"

Gavin and me (so sweet)

Joel and I @ the park...enjoying the sun!