Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two families...One house!

Our best friends moved in with us about 3 weeks ago...they have a little 19 month old boy, which my boys adore having him around. He has adjusted quite well to the wrestling, getting dirty outside and the craziness of our everyday lives. Kyle, Aubri and Kade have lived in Bellingham for the past 4 years and just bought a business down here and haven't sold their house yet, so what would be more perfect then to have them live with us! We have the room and we would do anything for them.

Aubri and I are a little out numbered living with 5 boys....but we manage to share the duties of dinner, cleaning and more cleaning, I think my dishwasher is running non stop, oh and same with the washer and dryer! All our lives are very busy, so we seem to not really see much of each other....Aubri and Joel both leave the house at the same time and Kyle and I are up a the same time getting the 3 boys ready for the day (just one big happy family). Then we all have dinner together (minus Kyle, he is still at work) and then we put all 3 boys to bed and finally we all meet on the couch to watch a little TV....ahhhh relax time.

Aubri and Kade on Mother's Day.

Kade "cheesing" it up for the camera.

3 boys = more trouble...