Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Pick your battles"

Ohh Lukey...he is such a "sweet" child, when everything is going smoothly...meaning Luke is wearing dark jeans, long socks, cut off shirt (tank tops work too), camo shoes (certain ones), a zip up hoodie (which never gets worn), wrist bands and most of all tattoo's (all over)...then the day starts off great! I use to argue with him every single morning about his outfit...I mean what kind of mom sends their child to preschool in a sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter? Well that would be me and the kid never complains of being cold, EVER and remember he doesn't wear the jacket I send him with. So finally I remembered mom always told me, "Demeri, you have to pick your battles, if it's not worth it, then just let it go". So I have decided to let it go...who's it harming? Obviously not Luke!!
Luke not happy....note the shirt, but probably didn't get the right shoes.

I must have gotten it right today!

Yes, it is a sharpie...and yes, this happens quite often!


crunchy peas said...

Picking your battles is so hard-- especially when it is about clothing. Glittery "wizard-of-oz-dorthy" shoes are what we find our selves doing battle over. I keep thinking to myself "grow little feet, grow!" Either that or "oops those ugly red shoes just jumped right into the trash!"

crunchy peas said...

ps....yay for you a blog!