Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Downtown Olympia

As a family we all decided to go downtown and do a little shopping (the boys each had $16 of their own to spend on whatever), so I got the boys all "pumped up" to go to Wind Up Here (a great toy store)! So that was of course our first stop...they looked around...and kept looking around...and found nothing! It wasn't the typical "Toys R Us toys", Gavin couldn't find Bionicle's and Luke couldn't find...oh who ever knows with him, but apparently nothing in this "wonderful" toy store (so I thought) was catching their eye. So we left (not a penny spent) and we were off to Archibald Sisters. This store caught Luke's eye with all the skull and cross bone stuff! Gavin looked around but nothing was too great to spend his own $$ on. Luke picked out a great switch blade knife (comb)! Gavin decided to go to Toys R Us at a later date and save his $$. Then we took a walk on the "board walk" and sat down for a nice lunch at the Oyster House. Can't wait for the warm weather to come and visit again!

The famous switch blade comb...

Enjoying the best shrimp artichoke dip ever!


crunchy peas said...

Gotta love the switch blade comb- sweet. Hey, i would love to be able to read Kristen's blog...any idea how I can become and invited reader?