Monday, July 21, 2008


This was our "family" dune trip, meaning just us 4 went, kind of a "teaching" trip for the boys. For me this is the trip of anxiety...I love that my boys can ride pretty good, but there is always that fear of them getting hurt. So for me this trip isn't relaxing might I add. We just moved Gavin up to a new bike (this was his first trip with a clutch), it went good, he was a little frustrated at the beginning, but by the second ride he had it figured out. Luke moved up to the 90, which was no problem for him (he needed to move up) and had a blast! Both boys have been riding for some years now, Gavin got his first quad at age 4 and Luke started at age 3, every year I seem to get a little more relaxed.....not really.

Safety is a big thing for me when they are riding, by the pictures you can tell I have them geared up!!! Just to let you all know, no injuries on this trip and believe it or not, all bikes stayed on all four wheels (which is amazing, I think this is the first trip that that has happened).

Gavin on his new bike.
Luke acting cool on mom's bike (gotta be just like his brother).

My "men"


Kristen said...

So cute! They are such little studs! That is such a great picture of your 3 men.

crunchy peas said...

love their little faux hawks on their helmets. kinda glad that we do mostly tea parties around here!

Alicia said...

They look like naturals! You've got cutiepatooties! I wouldn't be relaxed either.