Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music Program

We all remember playing the recorder in elementary school right? Well Gavin is doing the same, we had his program the other night and it was very cute might I add. I love going to the school programs, it reminds me so much of my elementary days, the only difference is I was a little girl and loved performing in them, Gavin doesn't dislike them, he treats them like it's homework. The crazy thing is Gavin and Luke's music teacher is my old music teacher from elementary school!

Luke enjoying the music program from a "relaxing" position.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I remember Austin playing those 3 songs they learned over and over and over again! Looks like Luke enjoyed him self at the preformance. It is times like that, that you will remember the rest of your life!

Alicia said...

I can't wait for music programs! I remember when I thought playing the trumpet was the COOLEST thing ever..sadly that didn't last very long.

Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

Oh my gosh, I remember those days, hey I forget who our music teacher was?

The Pawlak's said...

Oh, what great memories! I remember when Amanda Sapp and I used to make up dance routines and perform them during our concerts...good times! I tell you what...your little Luke sure is a character!